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Most Recent Blowers and Dryers Reviews

PEET Original Boot Dryer PEET Original Boot Dryer Melanie - El Granada, CA, USA Love this thing! "Bought it for husband and son's dirt bike boots...but use it almost everyday to dry out their shoes from everyday sweat and moisture. Dries wet shoes completely overnight!"
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PEET Multi Boot Dryer PEET Multi Boot Dryer MotoEnthusiast - Sarasota, FL, USA Best thing since sliced bread! "I'll just come out and say it, I have some stinky feet. Nothing smells worse than my riding boots after some Florida summer moto's. After pressure washing my boots and helmet I leave them to dry on the Peet dryer and the next day they smell brand new again and they are nice and dry ready to go back into the gear bag. Sometimes I leave them on for a few days and the dryer does not damage anything. I suggest buying the helmet attachment to dry your sweaty helmet after riding too. I love this dryer and I use it every week. I have had it over a year now and no problems Highly recommended!"
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MotoSport is proud to carry the Shock Doctor line of sports equipment driers and accessories, which allow riders to quickly dry and deodorize your motorcycle helmets and dirt bike riding gear. Get in more riding time and spend less time waiting for your gear to be ready to wear.