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BikeMaster 3-Piece Tire Iron Set BikeMaster 3-Piece Tire Iron Set yzsteve - Rocky mountains awful "The good: Did my first front and back tire change. Local shop wanted an excessive amount of money and the task seemed straight forward enough after watching some videos online. From Motosport I was able to buy both tires and the Motosport stand for less than the price of the tires locally. As always with Motosport, shipping was lightning quick and the prices are the best around The bad: If you watch videos of people changing tires you'll see none of them use tire irons that look like these BikeMaster irons. But these came free with the Motosport stand so I figured they couldn't be too bad. I was wrong and there's a reason they came free. The only potentially redeeming quality I can think with these is that they didn't break apart. The ugly: The shape of these spoons are terrible. I know I am a newb and this was my first moto tire change, but shortly into performing the tire change I realized why everyone in the videos used the thinner spoon shape. The longest of these BikeMaster irons is nearly unusable because it is too thick to fit between the rim and tire. The two smaller irons were at least usable but even with them, the shape is such that the curve gets caught underneath the bead. I was able to get the job done but I have a feeling if I had just bought some better spoons, there wouldve been a lot less cursing and better quality work with less rim gouging. Overall: Don't be cheap. You're already saving money by doing the tires yourself. Buy some quality spoons that are thinner and shaped better. Watch the videos online and you'll see what the pros are using. For me, I plan on buying the motion pro spoons. I'll update that review after my next tire swap...but hopefully that's in the far far far off future."
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BikeMaster Oval Bar End Mirrors BikeMaster Oval Bar End Mirrors Poolfool814 - Erie, Pa. Best upgrade for safety. "Installed on my FZ-10 perfectly, after "manning-up" & putting some torque to it. Couldn't be happier w/ the results, no more checking out my admittedly awesome shoulders when I'm trying to see behind me."
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