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Atlas Charger Roost Guard Atlas Charger Roost Guard Backtension - Lima, Ohio Great design... Bad price "First off I did like this when I received it.... The fitment was on the small side, the product overall was nice, but it was like a tank top jersey and some little pad with stitching around it to hold it in place... For the little amount of material I didn't feel it was worth the price.. To me this should be half the price it is... Maybe even less... I liked it and would have kept it and recommended it had the price been MUCH better...."
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Atlas 2018 Defender Chest Protector Atlas 2018 Defender Chest Protector Jeff - Beware! "Beware! Chest protector lite does not come with the back protector as shown in the picture, it only has regular straps. If you want the full back protection you need to get the regular protector. Disappointed in Motorsport for not making that clear and having the wrong pictures on this ad. I might even be send it back to exchange for the full protection. Otherwise piece is great as expected just."
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