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Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set / Pro Taper Contour Handlebar
Applied Factory R/S Triple Clamp Set / Pro Taper Contour Handlebar

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Item #APP0015

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3 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Over 3 years ago East Texas
3 out of 5 stars
Wouldn't reccomend

The bars and mounts were fine as expected. The lower triple clamp was the disappointment- the fender mount holes no longer lined up and I couldn't mount my front brake line guide to the bottom clamp like the stock one. Had everything mounted up like the original one, I would have given 5 stars. You may not have the same experience I had though. If I could go back I would stick with the kit that comes with the upper clamp only.

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Question asked by Btmx

Question: Does this kit come with a bar pad
Question asked Over 5 years ago
Does this include a bar pad with the bars
Question answered by MotoSportRyanT
User's contributor status: Expert MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 5 years ago
Answer: Yes, There is a bar pad included with the Pro Taper Contour Handlebars.

Question asked by Ereaves94

Question: Is it really that durable?
Question asked Over 6 years ago
I've had a lot of trouble before with bar mounts. I'll ride a few times drop the bike once during race practice or something and the bushings are all out of wack because of one easy drop. Then I have to go back take off the bars and try to force the bushings straight again. Will buying something like this stay straight in more situations where I drop the bike even lightly?
Question answered by MotoSportExpert
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: What you are dealing with with is kind of a give and take issue with the rubber bar mounts. While they provide a more dampened ride that is not as hard on your hands and have some give when crashing to help prevent broken and bent parts, they can displace fairly easily. This kit will help especially if you use the one piece top bar clamp. With the new design of the bushings it will not displace and keep your bars aligned after a crash.


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# Part Numbers

Clamp Set
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Red / 22mm 6224KRD
Red / 22mm 6246KRD
Silver / 21.5mm 6270KSR
Red / 20mm 6234KRD
Silver / 24mm 6222KSR
Silver / 25mm 6214KSR
Black / 21mm 6210KBK
Silver / 22mm 6238KSR
Black / 20mm 6240KBK
Black / 21.5mm 6232KBK
Black / 20mm 6234KBK
Black / 20mm 6230KBK
Black / 20mm 6226KBK
Red / 25mm 6212KRD
Black / 22mm 6220KBK
Red / No Offset 6248KRD
Black / 22mm 6224KBK
Silver / 22mm 6246KSR
Black / 22mm 6228KBK
Silver / 22mm 6206KSR
Black / 22mm 6238KBK
Silver / 20mm 6218KSR
Black / 22mm 6242KBK
Red / 20mm 6226KRD
Black / 22mm 6246KBK
Red / 21mm 6210KRD
Black / 22mm 6204KBK
Red / 22mm 6238KRD
Black / 24mm 6222KBK
Red / 24mm 6244KRD
Black / 24mm 6244KBK
Red / 25mm 6216KRD
Black / 22mm 6206KBK
Silver / 22mm 6228KSR
Black / 25mm 6212KBK
Silver / 22mm 6242KSR
Black / 25mm 6214KBK
Silver / 22mm 6204KSR
Black / 25mm 6216KBK
Silver / 24mm 6244KSR
Black / 20mm 6218KBK
Silver / 25mm 6212KSR
Black / No Offset 6248KBK
Silver / 25mm 6216KSR
Black / 21.5mm 6270KBK
Silver / No Offset 6248KSR
Silver / 18mm 6250KSR
Red / 20mm 6208KRD
Silver / 20mm 6208KSR
Red / 20mm 6230KRD
Silver / 20mm 6226KSR
Red / 21.5mm 6232KRD
Silver / 20mm 6230KSR
Red / 22mm 6220KRD
Silver / 20mm 6234KSR
Red / 22mm 6228KRD
Silver / 20mm 6240KSR
Red / 22mm 6242KRD
Silver / 21.5mm 6232KSR
Red / 24mm 6222KRD
Silver / 21mm 6210KSR
Red / 22mm 6206KRD
Silver / 22mm 6220KSR
Red / 25mm 6214KRD
Silver / 22mm 6224KSR
Red / 20mm 6218KRD
Red / 21.5mm 6270KRD
Black / 18mm 6250KBK
Black / 20mm 6208KBK
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Silver / ATV Low 2816D SILVER
Plat. Grey / Woods High 2809D PLAT
Plat. Grey / CR Mid 2804D PLAT
Platinum Grey / Raptor 2819D PLAT GREY
Platinum Grey / CR High 2803D PLAT GREY
Platinum Grey / ATV High 2818D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / YZ High 2812D JET
Gold / Henry - Reed 2802D GOLD
Gold / CR Mid 2804D GOLD
Gold / CR High 2803D GOLD
Silver / YZ High 2812D SILV
Silver / Woods High 2809D SILV
Silver / CR Mid 2804D SILV
Gold / KX High 2811D GOLD
Silver / Mini Low 2813D SILVER
Gold / Mini High 2814D GOLD
Jet Black / FAC. SUZ - KTM STK 2805D JET BLACK
Gold / Mini Low 2813D GOLD
Platinum Grey / ATV Mid 2817D PLAT GREY
Gold / Pastrana FMX 2808D GOLD
Platinum Grey / Mini High 2814D PLAT GREY
Gold / Pastrana MX - RM Low 2806D GOLD
Platinum Grey / PAST. MX - RM Low 2806D PLAT GREY
Gold / Raptor 2819D GOLD
Plat. Grey / Pastrana FMX 2808D PLAT
Gold / FAC. Suzuki - KTM Stock 2805D GOLD
Plat. Grey / YZ High 2812D PLAT
Gold / Universal Low 2801D GOLD
Silver / Carmichael 2810D SILVER
Gold / Windham - RM Mid 2807D GOLD
Silver / KX High 2811D SILV
Gold / Woods High 2809D GOLD
Silver / Universal Low 2801D SILV
Gold / Woods Low 2815D GOLD
Jet Black / PAST. MX / RM Low 2806D JET BLACK
Gold / YZ High 2812D GOLD
Jet Black / Windham 2807D JET BLACK
Jet Black / ATV High 2818D JET BLACK
Platinum Grey / ATV Low 2816D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / ATV Low 2816D JET BLACK
Platinum Grey / Carmichael 2810D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / ATV Mid 2817D JET BLACK
Platinum Grey / Henry - Reed 2802D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / Carmichael 2810D JET BLACK
Platinum Grey / Mini Low 2813D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / CR High 2803D JET BLACK
Platinum Grey / Windham 2807D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / CR Mid 2804D JET
Platinum Grey / FAC. Suzuki - KTM 2805D PLAT GREY
Jet Black / Henry - Reed 2802D JET BLACK
Plat. Grey / KX High 2811D PLAT
Jet Black / KX High 2811D JET
Plat. Grey / Universal Low 2801D PLAT
Jet Black / Mini High 2814D JET BLACK
Plat. Grey / Woods Low 2815D PLAT
Jet Black / Mini Low 2813D JET BLACK
Silver / ATV High 2818D SILVER
Jet Black / Pastrana FMX 2808D JET
Silver / ATV Mid 2817D SILVER
Jet Black / Raptor 2819D JET BLACK
Silver / CR High 2803D SILVER
Jet Black / Universal Low 2801D JET
Silver / Henry - Reed 2802D SILVER
Jet Black / Woods High 2809D JET
Silver / Mini High 2814D SILVER
Jet Black / Woods Low 2815D JET
Silver / Pastrana FMX 2808D SILV
Silver / Pastrana MX - RM Low 2806D SILVER
Silver / Raptor 2819D SILVER
Gold / ATV High 2818D GOLD
Silver / Windham - RM Mid 2807D SILVER
Gold / ATV Low 2816D GOLD
Silver / Woods Low 2815D SILV
Gold / ATV Mid 2817D GOLD
Silver / FAC. Suzuki - KTM STK 2805D SILVER
Gold / Carmichael 2810D GOLD