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Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Is it a dirt bike? Is it a mountain bike? It's an electric mountain bike. Exploding in popularity in recent years, e-mountain bikes have taken trails by storm by injecting more speed and versatility into mountain biking without sacrificing too much on the required effort. You still pedal, as much as you want, but if needed you can grab a burst of power to get you over the most treacherous terrain or the final hump of a hill to help save your energy for the rest of the day. Think mountain biking on steroids. It allows people still getting into shape to mountain bike easier and for the more experienced rider an electric mountain bike allows you to climb faster and carry more speed, everywhere.

E-Mountain Bike

You have probably heard it all. Maybe even got a bit confused. Electric mountain bikes are e-mountain bikes are mountain e-bikes. The pedal assist platforms of e-mountain bikes give you multiple drive modes so you can decide how much personal effort goes into your ride. Enjoy the road less traveled or the road never traveled because you wouldn't dare on the next generation of fun in an e-mountain bike. We have several models of e-mountain bikes to choose from:

Electric Mountain Bikes and MotoSport

The next generation of outdoor fun has arrived and MotoSport is proud to sell the best electric mountain bikes available. E-mountain bikes prove as valuable training tools for riding dirt bikes and when the weather turns sour or maybe you don't want to load up for the day, electric mountain bikes offer the next best thing to riding dirt bikes without all the fuel, fuss and mess. You still need a helmet and riding gear but don't go with the plastic road bike helmet. Electric mountain bikes blur the lines between dirt biking and mountain biking so wear a dirt bike helmet and goggles at a minimum. All electric mountain bikes come assembled to your door for just $79.

MotoSport delivers all electric mountain bikes free of delivery charges.