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Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston
Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston

$72.00 - $167.00
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Item #WCO000P

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163 Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
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13 days ago Ok
Piston hasn’t came in

I bought nearly a month ago along with a lot of other parts, all of the others have came in except for this piston

Colemoto Verified Purchaser
17 days ago Northern Utah
Durability4/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance4/5Power4/5Style5/5
Runs really good

I replaced the top end in my 2016 Ktm 300xc just because I felt it was time. Pulled the bike apart and slapped this in and it runs like new again! Love it!

Kincade Verified Purchaser
18 days ago Bozeman, MT
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
I've now got a RIPPING '02 KX 125!

I bought an 02 KX 125 for a steal that was running horribly. This top end along with a handful over other repairs and maintenance items brought her back to life. Couldn't be happier! Easy install, nice packaging, and the piston even came in a classy little bag.

25 days ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Great Product

Bought it a week ago ago, came with instruction and everything individually packaged, took all of 45 min to put in. Warmed it up once then ripped it.

RobMac Verified Purchaser
1 month 2 days ago Pa
Durability5/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Silenced my noisy Blaster.

Silenced the subtle clacking noise in my blaster. Starts first kick. Very happy.

Jakie99 Verified Purchaser
1 month 2 days ago New York ny
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Great Product!

Shipping was fast , an bike runs better then ever!

Braap01 Verified Purchaser
1 month 3 days ago Michigan
Durability4/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style4/5
Great quality product

Haven’t ran bike much yet but runs strong

Burke Verified Purchaser
1 month 14 days ago MASS
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Great product

Bought it a couple months ago, and no issues awesome product......Bike Rips will be buying this kit again

Clay Verified Purchaser
1 month 20 days ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5

WORKS GREAT, been shreddin blockx

Kyle Verified Purchaser
1 month 25 days ago
Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Power5/5
Works too well

I put this piston in as a replacement stock piston. Bike started first kick, had no issues going through the heat cycles and the throttle response was so great that I broke my leg a week after putting this bad boy in. So 5 stars from me.

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62 Questions
Answered:   60
Not Yet:   2
Q: I have a 1993 RM250 and a piston kit #01.3310.B and the piston is to big. What piston kit do I need?
20 days ago
Q: For the stock bore, is the single ring one high compression? What is the compression ratio?
1 month 21 days ago
Top 10
1 month 21 days ago
A: I will need the year, make, and model for the vehicle you are trying to utilize this kit for in order to give you a clear answer.
Q: Does the two different stock options matter or are they different?
2 months 11 days ago
Top 1
2 months 11 days ago
A: One piston is a flat top piston for building power and the order is a domed piston.
Q: Why is there two options for stock piston size for a 01 cr250? 
3 months 27 days ago
Top 25
3 months 27 days ago
A: Reason why is that Wiseco offers two different stock bore pistons for this bike. Wiseco part number 768M06640 is the racers choice, single ring piston and 702M06640 is closer to the OEM replacement. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-888-676-8853
Billy 812
Q:  What’s the difference between the more expensive And less expensive stock bore piston ??
Over 5 months ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
Over 5 months ago
A: More likely than not, one is coated and the other isn't. We would nee to know the year, make and model of the machine your' working on to know for sure.
Q: There are two .080in oversized options. One is $122 and the other is $134, what is the difference between these two pistons, other than price?
Over 6 months ago
Top 10
Over 6 months ago
A: The additional cost will be for a coated piston.
big balls deptula
Q: I have a 2006 honda cr 85r and my bike has had a bigger bore does the .120 oversized piston make the overal piston have 51.20mm what are the mm of piston for the .80 oversized and for the .120 oversized so i can see what size bore i have
Over 7 months ago
Tyler Gearhead
Top 50
Over 7 months ago
A: You will need to have your bore measured by a certified mechanic or machinist to know the exact piston size needed for your big bore CR85R.
Q: What size would I buy for a yz 125 with an Athena 144 big bore kit 
Over 8 months ago
Top 10
Over 8 months ago
A: What year is your YZ, find out your mm for standard size, and then calculate the difference, you can find out that information in your owner's manual.
Q: What comes with the the 3 different priced kits?
Over 8 months ago
Q: I need a piston for a 98 yz250, does this kit come with the gaskets that I will need? And also what is the difference between the 2 stock bores for this kit?
Over 8 months ago
Top 1
Over 8 months ago
A: This kit does not include the top end gaskets for the rebuild. The difference is the more expensive kit is a domed piston, which will raise your compression.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Stock Bore 855M05200
Stock Bore 786M05400
Stock Bore 869M05600
Stock Bore 864M04500
Stock Bore 746M04500
Stock Bore 855M04700
.030in Oversize 513M06475
Stock Bore 573M06600
.010in Oversize 573M06625
.020in Oversize 573M06650
.030in Oversize 573M06675
.040in Oversize 573M06700
.050in Oversize 573M06725
.060in Oversize 573M06750
.070in Oversize 573M06775
.080in Oversize 573M06800
.090in Oversize 573M06825
Stock Bore 676M05400
Stock Bore 841M05400
Stock Bore 859M05400
Stock Bore 614M06640
Stock Bore 801M06640
Stock Bore 860M06640
Stock Bore 702M06640
Stock Bore 643M04700
Pro-Lite Piston 833M04750
Stock Bore 711M06600
Stock Bore 750M06900
Stock Bore 651M05250
Stock Bore 783M05400
Stock Bore 822M05400
Stock Bore 834M05400
Stock Bore 652M05400
Stock Bore 719M05400
Stock Bore 741M05400
Stock Bore 607M06740
Stock Bore 799M06640
Stock Bore 843M06640
Stock Bore 556M06740
Stock Bore 617M06640
Stock Bore 575M08600
Stock Bore 648M04300
Stock Bore 752M04450
Stock Bore 644M04800
Stock Bore 782M04850
Stock Bore 571M06700
Stock Bore 561M08600
Stock Bore 754M05400
Stock Bore 835M05400
Stock Bore 641M05400
Stock Bore 642M06700
Stock Bore 756M06640
Stock Bore 823M06640
Stock Bore 681M06640
Stock Bore 723M06640
Stock Bore 743M06640
Stock Bore 645M04750
Stock Bore 806M04800
Stock Bore 562M06600
Stock Bore 797M05400
.080in Oversize 797M05600
Stock Bore 845M05400
Stock Bore 594M05600
Stock Bore 629M05600
Stock Bore 647M05400
Stock Bore 693M05400
Stock Bore 726M05400
Stock Bore 804M06640
Stock Bore 677M06800
Stock Bore 646M04700
Stock Bore 805M04750
.020in Oversize 546M08750
.040in Oversize 546M08800
.060in Oversize 546M08850
.080in Oversize 546M08900
Stock Bore 546M08700
.040in Oversize 553M05500
.080in Oversize 553M05600
Stock Bore 553M05400
Stock Bore 555M05600
.045in Oversize 556M06850
.084in Oversize 556M06950
.040in Oversize 557M05500
Stock Bore 557M05400
.040in Oversize 558M06800
.080in Oversize 558M06900
Stock Bore 558M06700
.020in Oversize 559M05650
.040in Oversize 559M05700
.060in Oversize 559M05750
Stock Bore 559M05600
.020in Oversize 560M06850
Stock Bore 560M06800
.100in Oversize 561M08850
.120in Oversize 561M08900
.140in Oversize 561M08950
.020in Oversize 561M08650
.040in Oversize 561M08700
.060in Oversize 561M08750
.080in Oversize 561M08800
.020in Oversize 562M06650
.040in Oversize 562M06700
.060in Oversize 562M06750
.080in Oversize 562M06800
.020in Oversize 564M05450
.040in Oversize 564M05500
.060in Oversize 564M05550
.080in Oversize 564M05600
Stock Bore 564M05400
.040in Oversize 566M05700
Stock Bore 566M05600
.040in Oversize 568M05500
.020in Oversize 571M06750
.040in Oversize 571M06800
.080in Oversize 571M06900
.020in Oversize 575M08650
.040in Oversize 575M08700
.080in Oversize 575M08800
.040in Oversize 582M05700
.040in Oversize 589M05700
Stock Bore 589M05600
.020in Oversize 595M05450
.040in Oversize 595M05500
Stock Bore 595M05400
.020in Oversize 601M06800
.040in Oversize 603M05700
Stock Bore 603M05600
.020in Oversize 605M06850
Stock Bore 605M06800
.025in Oversize 607M06800
.045in Oversize 607M06850
.024in Oversize 614M06700
.044in Oversize 614M06750
.065in Oversize 614M06800
.085in Oversize 614M06850
.040in Oversize 616M05500
Stock Bore 616M05400
.025in Oversize 617M06700
.045in Oversize 617M06750
.085in Oversize 617M06850
.020in Oversize 626M05450
.040in Oversize 626M05500
Stock Bore 626M05400
.040in Oversize 629M05700
.040in Oversize 631M07300
Stock Bore 631M07200
.020in Oversize 871M08950
.080in Oversize 871M09100
Stock Bore 640M05400
.020in Oversize 641M05450
.040in Oversize 641M05500
.060in Oversize 641M05550
.080in Oversize 641M05600
.020in Oversize 642M06750
.040in Oversize 642M06800
.080in Oversize 642M06900
.020in Oversize 643M04750
.040in Oversize 643M04800
.080in Oversize 643M04900
.020in Oversize 644M04850
.040in Oversize 644M04900
.080in Oversize 644M05000
.020in Oversize 645M04800
.040in Oversize 645M04850
.060in Oversize 645M04900
.080in Oversize 645M04950
.020in Oversize 646M04750
.040in Oversize 646M04800
.080in Oversize 646M04900
.020in Oversize 647M05450
.040in Oversize 647M05500
.080in Oversize 647M05600
.020in Oversize 648M04350
.040in Oversize 648M04400
.080in Oversize 648M04500
.020in Oversize 651M05300
.080in Oversize 651M05450
.020in Oversize 652M05450
.040in Oversize 652M05500
.080in Oversize 652M05600
.020in Oversize 676M05450
.040in Oversize 676M05500
.080in Oversize 676M05600
.020in Oversize 677M06850
.040in Oversize 677M06900
.080in Oversize 677M07000
Stock Bore 694M06750
.020in Oversize 702M06700
.040in Oversize 702M06750
.060in Oversize 702M06800
.080in Oversize 702M06850
.020in Oversize 711M06650
.040in Oversize 711M06700
.080in Oversize 711M06800
Stock Bore 712M07200
.080in Oversize 719M05600
.080in Oversize 726M05600
Stock Bore 740M05425
.080in Oversize 741M05600
.080in Oversize 746M04700
.040in Oversize 748M07900
Stock Bore 748M07800
.040in Oversize 750M07000
.080in Oversize 752M04650
.020in Oversize 754M05450
.040in Oversize 754M05500
.060in Oversize 754M05550
.080in Oversize 754M05600
.080in Oversize 756M06850
.080in Oversize 770M06600
Stock Bore 770M06400
Stock Bore 774M06640
.080in Oversize 782M05050
.080in Oversize 783M05600
.080in Oversize 801M06850
.080in Oversize 804M06850
.080in Oversize 805M04950
.160in Oversize 806M05200
.080in Oversize 806M05000
.080in Oversize 822M05600
Stock Bore 824M06640
Stock Bore 825M06400
.120in Oversize 833M05050
.080in Oversize 833M04950
.080in Oversize 834M05600
.080in Oversize 835M05600
Stock Bore 856M06640
Stock Bore 857M06640
Stock Bore 858M07200
.010in Oversize 526M06625
.100in Oversize 526M06850
.120in Oversize 526M06900
.140in Oversize 526M06950
.020in Oversize 526M06650
.030in Oversize 526M06675
.040in Oversize 526M06700
.050in Oversize 526M06725
.060in Oversize 526M06750
.080in Oversize 526M06800
Stock Bore 526M06600
Stock Bore 880M05250
Stock Bore 879M04850
Stock Bore 874M03950
Stock Bore 768M06640
Stock Bore 840M05400
.080in Oversize 841M05600
.120in Oversize 841M05700
Stock Bore 762M05400
.080in Oversize 762M05600
.040in Oversize 801M06750
.040in Oversize 871M09000
.060in Oversize 871M09050
52.00mm Big Bore 766M05200
Stock Bore 668M04600
Racers Choice 838M04750
Stock Bore 760M05400
Stock Bore 761M06640
.020in Oversize 752M04500
.020in Oversize 880M05300
.080in Oversize 880M05450
Stock Bore 788M05400
.020in Oversize 616M05450
.040in Oversize 640M05500
.040in Oversize 799M06750
.080in Oversize 843M06850
Stock Bore 737M06640
Stock Bore 669M04700
Stock Bore 862M04850
.020in Oversize 782M04900
.040in Oversize 782M04950
.020in Oversize 879M04900
.040in Oversize 879M04950
.080in Oversize 879M05050
Stock Bore 627M05425
.080in Oversize 740M05625
.080in Oversize 786M05600
Stock Bore 881M05800
.040in Oversize 770M06500
.020in Oversize 631M07250
Stock Bore 747M07800
+2MM Oversize 877M04150
Stock Bore 803M03950
.080in Oversize 803M04150
.040in Oversize 864M04700
Stock Bore 868M05400
Stock Bore 856M06850
.140in Oversize 878M07200
Stock Bore 861M04450
Stock Bore 698M03900
.080in Oversize 698M04100
.080in Oversize 826M04300
Stock Bore 755M05400
.080in Oversize 755M05600
.060in Oversize 823M06700
.040in Oversize 823M06750
.020in Oversize 806M04850
.040in Oversize 806M04900
.200in Oversize 806M05300
Stock Bore 767M05250
.020in Oversize 797M05450
.040in Oversize 797M05500
.080in Oversize 845M05600
Stock Bore 765M05400
.080in Oversize 765M05600
.020in Oversize 726M05450
.040in Oversize 726M05500
Stock Bore 736M06800
Stock Bore 808M06640
.020in Oversize 804M06700
.040in Oversize 804M06750
Stock Bore 671M04600
.020in Oversize 805M04800
.040in Oversize 805M04850
Stock Bore WP40199M09700
Stock Bore 513M06400
.010in Oversize 513M06425
.020in Oversize 513M06450
.040in Oversize 513M06500
.050in Oversize 513M06525
.060in Oversize 513M06550
.080in Oversize 513M06600
.090in Oversize 513M06625
.100in Oversize 513M06650
California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.