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freakngroovn Verified Purchaser
4 months 15 days ago East TN
Like 'em

2nd set of the Verge 2x I've put on and I really like them. Haven't tried many different makes and models because I don't have wads of cash, and frankly some companies think an awful lot of their tires. I'm no racer. I'm no knee dragger. But I like carving backroads. I've been to Key West, Oshkosh, DC, and all the twisty roads in between I could manage, and I find no fault with these tires. They're good on the highway - straight as an arrow. They're good in the twisties - quick turn in, predictable, and ample grip. They're good in the rain - grippy and shed water well. They get decent milage with the dual compound construction. I'll keep buying as long as they keep making them and keep the price lower than the competition.

Over 11 months ago New Brunswick new jersey
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance4/5Style3/5

I have 100 mile round trip commute to work. I put 10 thousand miles a year on my bike so I was running through sport tires every 4-5 though miles. I look these up for sport touring and so far so good. The dual compound really works. The center of the tire stays hard to last for long trips but the side of the tires warms up and gets soft for a grip in turns.

JimHanus Verified Purchaser
Over 12 months ago Richmond MI
Great Handling on my VFR800

I've been having handling problems with my 2001 VFR800 and was sure it was the tires. Had Dunlop Roadsmart III, and had Dunlop send me a replacement pair. Still the same problem, wiggling of the bike at freeway speeds in dirty air (trucks or heavy traffic) or around curves. I had to be very careful around freeway curves as the bike would move all over the lane. Have used the Ravens before and always liked them. Decided to switch to the 018 Verge 2X front and rear. Handling is now perfect, no movement around the lane in curves, and no moving around behind trucks or heavy traffic. I don't think they handle bumps quite as well but I expected that (hoping they would be stiffer), and since it's only been a month and coming into winter mileage is an unknown.

DMan Verified Purchaser
1 year 2 months ago Vallejo,Ca
Durability4/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Style5/5

I own a 2012 zx14r. I bought the bike in 2016(7103 miles on it) from a dealership in Southern California. When I received the bike(had it shipped to Northern Cal) the stock tires were well worn. I researched for the best sport touring tires I could buy. Based on customer feedback and comparison reviews I settled for the Michelin Pilot Road 4s. I commute to work on my 14(70 miles round trip). There are areas where I like to open up the bike. I really like high speed sweepers. With the Michelins I never felt comfortable or confident. They would squirm mightily on high speed sweepers. They would follow rain grooves like nobody's business. I thought something was wrong with the bike. Had the bike suspension professionally adjusted for my weight and riding style. It helped. A little. Still the bike would squirm on the sweepers. It was always a butt-clenching experience. I started to believe that was the way the bike rode, nothing I could do about it. My previous bike (an 02 'busa) cornered waaaay better than this. High speed sweeping wasn't a problem. That bike felt like one piece. My 14 didn't
When the Michelins wore out I purchased a set of Avon Storms. The Avons were great on the 'busa I rode before. I thought they would perform the same on the 14. They were better. Didn't squirm as much as the Michelins but they still squirmed on sweepers. I couldn't push the bike like I wanted to. Again I just assumed it was just the bike and there was nothing O could do to improve it. In fact as the front started to wear the front end developer a constant wobble that peaked at about 80 miles per hour. It was horrible. Braking, the front end would shimmy pretty bad. Time for new tires. Started researching again and saw the Shinkos. Reviews were good and bad. Some people hated them. Some enjoyed them very much. The comparison reviews were on the low end for sport tires(it was a track ride comparison). I bit the bullet.
The bike has been transformed. The 14 now feels like the bike I have read about. These tires(for this bike) is amazing. I can do high speed sweepers with the throttle open and accelerating and there is absolutely no squirming. The bike feels like one piece. I now enjoy corners. Any corner. Slow,medium and high speed corners. Doesn't matter. Now the Shinkos will not last as long as the previous tires I had on this bike but I don't care. These are dual compound tires but are essentially a sport tires(not a sport touring tire). The 14 just needs a stickier tire. The Michelins and the Avons sport touring tires just don't have the grip that the Shinkos have. The 14 has so much power and torque that a sport touring tire just can't keep up. What is so ironic though is the Shinkos are sport touring tires but they don't perform like it. Best tires I have purchased bar none. The Avons were great on my 02 ' busa but not my 14 and I believe the difference is the amount of power the 14 puts out. The power and torque is just too much for the Michelins and Avons(if you use the power of course). If you are going to push your 14 you need a sticky tire. I am pretty sure there are other sport tires that would perform admirably on my bike but they would have to be sport tires. The Shinkos are "sport touring" tires. Or so they are advertised. These are sport tires with a harder compound in the middle for sport touring duty. That is what they are. For this bike I will not buy any other tire but the Shinkos. If you own a 14 get the Shinkos. They are a match made in heaven.

1 year 3 months ago Cheaha Mountain, Alabama
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
I trust my life with Shinko tires.

I'm 60 yrs old and i started riding when i was 13 so i've gone thru a few tires. I'm very blessed to live on Cheaha Mountain in Alabama, an awesome place to ride. I've tried several different sets Shinko's on different bike's and have never had a problem. I ride year around and have been known to ride pretty hard at times and the one thing i never worry about is my tires. I trust my life with Shinko tires and you can too. I'm putting another set of 011"s on my ZZR1200. Here are some of my bike's. They all wear Shinko tires. I use Shinko tires for a reason, they are the best.

Rooster Verified Purchaser
1 year 3 months ago Williamstown, PA
Top notch customer service.

I bought this set a few weeks ago, and am very pleased with them. Showed up two days earlier than expected, perform great, and look hot.

PurpleMonsterTM Verified Purchaser
1 year 4 months ago Lakeland, florida
Durability5/5Ease of Installation4/5Performance5/5Style5/5
It's amazing!

I bought alot of different tires and I always find my self saying after buying them I want the shinko verge 2 again. Now that I have it again I'm never changing to any other... it handles in the rain and performs in the curves. Can't get any better tire for the street I think.

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Q: Any experience or opinion as to how these compare with the Conti Motions ?
4 months 28 days ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
4 months 28 days ago
A: Conti Motions will most likely preform better. I would suggest reading as many reviews and forums as you can.
# Part Numbers
Front Tire
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
120/70ZR-17 87-4084
120/60ZR-17 87-4083
Rear Tire
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
190/55ZR-17 87-4086
160/60ZR-17 87-4085
200/50ZR-17 87-4099
190/50ZR-17 87-4098
180/55ZR-17 87-4097