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Don't expect to find a nearby auto parts store when settled in for a long weekend ride so always bring back-up fluids and other necessary chemicals for your ride. Grab these and check them off your prep list:


We recommend bringing an extra set of tires but at the very least take some spare tubes. Grab several, because you never know and they take up such little room. Don't forget the tire pump and a tire repair kit covers all your bases. Or forget all of that and go with a mousse or other tubeless system.

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You can bring all the essential spare parts, and then some, but without the needed tools to replace and install those components you might as well bring nothing. Ensure a hassle free riding vacation by taking these tools:


Move on if your plans include riding to your destination of fun, but if you intend to transport your bike then make life easier by getting there not only in one piece but with easy on and off access to the hauling vehicle. Whether you use a pick-up truck or a trailer, grab a ramp for loading and unloading while using tie-downs to keep your motorcycle secure. Finally, use a stand to keep your dirt bike off the ground just as you do at home which also helps prevents tire or suspension issues on tomorrow's ride day.
You already know what to bring in terms of riding gear! However, when packing for a weekend getaway vs. the day trip or track day we tend to forget the obvious. So cross off all the items below before leaving home:

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Get Ready For Hot Weather Riding

Most extended riding vacations occur during the summer months when its warm, if not hot. Bundling up under all that riding gear can make for a long miserable day, so cool off with fabric that breathes. Manufacturers of both dirt bike and motorcycle gear have vented riding wear that provides airflow, free movement and properties that help wick away sweat. Check the weather forecast and if all you see is a hot sun in your future check out our selections for vented riding gear.




Dont get so focused on the ride you forget about your casual clothes when the day winds down. Just like any trip away from home, bring the essentials for as many days you plan away from home.
You see all the items recommended above? You need convenient storage for safe keeping and travel. We have backpacks, bike luggage and travel bags that easily fit in the back of your rig, trailer or car trunk that safely carry the tools and spare parts, riding gear and your casual wear. Don't forget the hydration pack either. Trail riding takes you far and wide so stay hydrated as you venture forth.
If your extended ride vacation features camping without the RV then you need to make your own accommodations for eating, drinking and sleeping. We have compact tents that store away easily, sleeping bags, cooking accessories, tableware and water purification systems.

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