Video: A Twist Of The Wrist 2 DVD

Video: A Twist Of The Wrist 2 DVD
Video: A Twist Of The Wrist 2 DVD

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The film follows the journey of two new riders, from canyon roads to track as they encounter their own limitations and uncertainties in their riding and then learn to overcome them with the correct techniques that apply in each scenario. They gain confidence and control, start to have fun and improve. The film delivers precision techniques for barriers to cornering such as rider input, fundamentals on steering, visual skills, braking body position throttle control and more." I realized early on in the project that every technique needed to be covered visually in MANY different ways to really show it so that it could be understood and that's what we set out to do" says Code. "It was painstaking, precision work that paid off, this film shows riding technique in ways that have never been done before."

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5 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser
Dickinson North Dakota
A must have...

Anyone looking to improve their riding needs to see this. Whether you like to read the book or watch the dvd, this will definitely help you improve. The DVD comes across very well and is easy to understand. I wish I would have bought it sooner!

shoshone, idaho
A must have

I bought this video in hopes of clearing up some questions I had, since you can ask a hundred people the same question and get ninety different answers I figured it was worth a shot.Awsome!! A must have for any rider, regardless your skill set you will learn something new. Well worth the money and piece of mind knowing propper technique.

Top 250 Contributor
Bville, NJ
Superbike school

Beginner or Intermediate, this video is a must have for any serious rider who wants to ride safer and faster around the track and even in the streets!
Expensive but worth every penny, This is my second copy, Im tired of waiting for my first copy to come back!!! Its been passed around

A Must for EVERY Rider!!

Great production quality! Keith really breaks down the tech. behind cornering/riding correctly and show what happens when you don't do it right. From beginners to advance, this dvd is a must for every rider out there.

Top 1000 Contributor
EL Paso, Texas
Twist of the Wrist 2 DVD

I checked this DVD out on Youtube when it started popping up in magazines. I had a 7-year break in riding until recently and the topics of performance riding that Keith covers are exactly what most of us know but few of us focus on when we ride. Cornering is broken down with loads of visuals and mechanical explanation for how and why we as riders and our bikes handle and perform. For intermediate riders, significant improvements can be made just by taking a few notes from experienced riders. This DVD is a great compilation of such notes one needs to make improvements or at least to develop an awareness for what he/she is doing on the bike when riding. I passed it around to my co-workers after watching it a few times. Its been 2 months and it has not been returned... guess that says something!

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