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Trail Tech DC Electrical Stator Trail Tech DC Electrical Stator Alan - South Texas Stator "Ordered an aftermarket replacement stator for a 2014 KTM 450SXF which fit perfect. It looked identical to the oem one that failed. Same electrical connector and bolt pattern. Works perfect."
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Trail Tech DC Electrical Stator Trail Tech DC Electrical Stator Ripnguitar - Billings, MT, USA LIGHTS WORKING AFTER REROUTING WIRES "2009 CRF450R. I Had the lighting flywheel already and to make it street legal with headlight, brake light and tailight I INSTALLED THE 70w STATOR alone without the kit After getting it back on the bike. the wires were to short to reach the plug. So I undid all the wires and routed them so I could plug the stator in. It works great. Since the bike is fuel injected, There is a Regulator on the bike already. I have 70 watts free to use any kind of light I want. Im using 35w halogen in front and led tail light. I might get a h4 led for the front to try it out. anyway, This stator came with the lighting wires. The light stay bright at any rpm. I bought a pressure switch for the rear brake, Put a resistor between the 2 leads for constant power. and the the positive lead bypasses the resistor through the pressure switch to have brake light. Now I just need the rear view mirror and i'm legal in Mt. P.S. It would have been nice if the wires coming off the stator were long enough to reach the plug but if you buy the kit. you dont' have to reroute the wires. But you end up with 2 regulator/rectifiers!!! John Paul"
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