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Pro Honda Hondabond 4 Pro Honda Hondabond 4 Twitchcapps - Durham nc Great case sealant "I've used a lot of sealant but this one works great for sealing case halves together the only thing I would like is a funnel for the sealant as it is rinnr at first"
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Nuetech Tubliss System Nuetech Tubliss System Chris - San Francisco Sweet product, now running 5psi on rear "I've installed a couple of these now, a rear and a front. Follow the instructions religiously and you'll be fine. If you don't you'll probably screw it up. One big tip I can attest to is to use green slime product as your lubrication. Put it everywhere there's going to be contact between tire, rim and or tubliss and tire and rim. I use it instead of the soapy water recommendation in the instructions. I can't say it'll always work but it has for me! Take a minute to really understand how this all goes together at the start and you'll have an easier time putting it on."
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