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Rock Standard Beadlock Wheel Rock Standard Beadlock Wheel Taylor - Great Value "Bought these rear bead locks for my Raptor 700 on clearance for $55 EACH! You can't beat that price! They have a very nice finish and have held up excellent so far. I mounted Kenda BearClaws myself which is easy on beadlocks. The lock ring bolts thread into a steel insert and not directly into the aluminum rim which is a great design and helps prevent stripping threads. I've already recommended these to a few friends. I mostly trail ride and with the kenda tires the edges of the rims are very well protected. I've yet to even put a scratch in them and I ride some tough/rocky terrain. Do yourself a favor and buy a SET of these for less than the price of ONE big brand rim."
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Rock A168 Aluminum Wheel Rock A168 Aluminum Wheel Dynamic - Rural Hall, NC, USA Good news and bad news "The problem was the center caps. That extra 3 cents worth of plastic to increase the depth of the Caps would have eliminated the necessity of: $200 in wheel spacers (at least motorsports helped with that, monitarily) Then, had to drop another $200 on fender flares to avoid trail shrapnel. All in, I had less in a set of wheels for a Mercedes E-Class. Good or bad, you be the judge"
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