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Pro Taper Grip Glue Pro Taper Grip Glue Liquidsilver - St. Louis, MO, USA A little too fast "My technique for mounting grips with bark busters is to cut the ends out of the grips and put tape over the openings in the bar ends before installing. That way, you get no glue mess around the throttle tube or for the bar end anchors. Then I put a liberal amount of glue inside the grip, and a smaller amount on the bar so they slide on easily. I put some paper on the floor for when the excess splooges out the bar end. Well, I put the throttle side on easy... just have enough glue and be quick. But I didn't get enough glue on the bare bar and when I slid it on, the glue instantly hardened when I got the grip halfway on. Before I could make cuss words come out, the grip was locked halfway on, like a vise. So I had to cut off the grip and but another set to replace the one I cut off. Bottom line, this stuff is fast and strong... just make sure you use a lot on the grip and the bar and be fast."
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Pro Taper Grip Glue Pro Taper Grip Glue Jimmy - Corpus Christi, TX, USA pro taper grip gue "Grips went on easily and stayed. Didn't have to safety wire. After many rides, still tight."
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