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OGIO Throttle Pack OGIO Throttle Pack RoadWarrior - Corvallis, OR, USA Great Bag, Great Price "I have used this bag 6 days a week for the last 6 months commuting 40 miles round trip each day. Plenty of room for my books, laptop, thermos, water bottle, lunch, gym clothes, and I put my riding jacket in after I arrive at my destination. Handles the elements well including heavy rain...had me worried the first time a little with my textbooks and laptop...but no leaks. Really comfortable and adjustable...I usually loosen the shoulder straps to allow the bag to rest on the seat due to the weight of my books and other items. The color has started to fade a little on the top but you would see that in almost any other bag. The only complaint so far is that the rain flap for the zipper on the laptop section is starting to wear a bit. Nothing major and is most likely to me over filling the bag and opening that specific pocket numerous times throughout the day. Fleece lined pocket is nice to keep my phone and sunglasses from getting scratched up. Great bag so far should last for a long time and can't beat the price on a bag with this amount of usable volume and is water resistant (though seems waterproof with my experience so far...just don't go throw it in a river or anything). Good job OGIO!"
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OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack Elmisfit - New Mexico, USA well it's a back pack "This ain't a bad little back pack. It's a little small so if your planning a trip longer than a day your clothes won't fit I could barely fit 3 shirts one pair of jeans and a pair of chucks and that's with the expansion zipper opened so for anybody wanting to use this to move allot of things they won't fit. The molded back is nice and had a carbon fiber print to it so it looks tough but just throwing the back on the floor and it hit the wall it adds little dimples to it is more molded soft plastic I guess what you find in the padding on a motorcycle jacket would be the best way to describe it but it is nice you get alot of compliments wearing it."
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