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DWT Doonz Rear Paddle Tire DWT Doonz Rear Paddle Tire Drs1301 - Sacramento, CA Great Paddle for the Price "I needed a shorter paddle to get my gearing right. As far as 15 inch, paddles, there aren't many options, so I chose to go with this 12 inch wheel size paddle. It came in a width and diameter that would work for my application. I was very pleased with the performance when I took it out the first time. I'm running them on a 150hp R1 mini sand buggy that weighs about 900lbs. I was able to get good speed on the dunes and able to jump with them. I do wish they were offered with an option of more paddles. I have plenty of horse power to climb sand mountain but these tires didn't have enough bite nearing the top to keep going. Overall I really like them and hope they have more options in the future"
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DWT Doonz Rear Paddle Tire DWT Doonz Rear Paddle Tire czkrebbs - Lee's Summit, MO, USA great sand tires "These are WAY better sand tires than my sandstars. Perfect match for my 08 Honda 700xx with many power mods. Got to run them this weekend and was smoking quads I couldnt beat with me sand stars. In the drags and on the trails. I got the 22/11/10 v paddle design. They are 4 ply, cut and puncture resistance and they could be comp cut. Very happy with the purchase"
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