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CargoBuckle G3 Tie Downs CargoBuckle G3 Tie Downs njlocoman - Roebling, Florence Township, NJ, USA Best cargo tie-downs available "These cargo tie-downs are the easiest to use of any tie down's I've ever used. No need to "secure" the loose strap that would flap in the breeze. No need to worry about folding and securing the strap when it's not in use. It simply reels in like a seatbelt. Neat & Tidy... easy to use. Absolutely worth the price difference compared to the two part cargo straps. An added bonus is that if you hit a bump that could normally cause a strap to come unattached or loosen on the load, these actually tighten if they get slack."
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CargoBuckle G3 Tie Downs CargoBuckle G3 Tie Downs calarnold - Central Coast, CA Best Product "I bought 2 sets of these. They work great. They really are a seatbelt. When released, they move freely in and out until you engage the lock, and then you can ratchet them tight. You can mount them in place, or use the attached locking s hook to move them from place to place. Very high quality product."
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