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JD Jetting Jet Kit JD Jetting Jet Kit HRCRED58 - Seattle, WA, USA Nice refinement "Used this kit while doing a carb swap on my 01 CR 250. I purchased a stock carb from a 00 CR 250.JD recommended a 182 main and the 45 pilot it came with. I have a FMF exhaust and V Force 3 reeds. I went with a 180. Purchasing this kit gave me many options. Two needles, if I remember right 5 different mains and a 45 pilot. This is for a 2000 model carb. The kit really helps since I ride trails in Washington and plan on going back to the high deserts of California. Comes with decent directions and a plastic box to keep these items safe. Tip: sandwich parts in between two pieces of foam and they won't bounce around in the box. With this my bike revs cleaner pulls harder. I'm happy I included this kit in my carb."
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All Balls Carburetor Rebuild Kit All Balls Carburetor Rebuild Kit Robert - Knoxville, TN, USA Exact fit; no instruction "Perfect fit on 03 ttr125. All the parts fit perfectly and fixed all of the problems from the bike sitting foryears with gas in it. However, there are no instructions and no way of knowing which jets and o rings go where without prior knowledge or a manual. Even then is a little tricky."
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