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Bazzaz Z-Bomb Timing Retard Calibrator Bazzaz Z-Bomb Timing Retard Calibrator Nikonart - Rockville, MD 20850, USA It works! "After the installation, it works great on my 2015 CBR1000RR. Great product!"
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Bazzaz Z-FI MX Fuel Management System Bazzaz Z-FI MX Fuel Management System THEMANRACING - Moore, OK, USA This was not the correct product for me "I want to be very clear, I have never used a Bazzaz product before, and I am sure that's most of the problem. That said, I would not buy this again. I have used tons of DynoJet stuff before and am very familiar with their products. That's what I actually wanted but due to availability I bought this instead. It was a mistake. The software is not included with the product, which I hate. You can D/L for free obviously, but all the other Fuel programmers I have bought have included a software CD with the product. The instructions are a bit vague. They are not terrible at all, but just not super direct. The web site has ONE map for my bike. Had I known that I would have never bought it. All the DJ stuff I have ever seen has 3 to 8 maps typically....Stock/slip-on/full system/stock with filter/filter with Slip-on/filter and full system. So Bazzaz site has only one map for my bike, and I have a full system FMF and a K&N. The map takes fuel away everywhere, and maybe that's what is needed but it makes me uncomfortable to be honest. I think Bazzaz is a great company, I have heard stellar things from street bike guys about their products (I know street way better than dirt) so I know they work. But as a first time buyer who is familiar with Dynojet I just wish i had not bought this. I literally just installed this thing an hour ago, and now the bike wont start. Honest to God. I am sure I did something wrong, and i will for sure get it fixed and get it running, but the lack of available maps means I will have to get it dyno tuned, and of course I cannot run a knobby on the dyno drum so now I have to buy a supermoto tire, swap it, then pay for a dyno run right out of the box. Neat company, wish them the best, wish I would have been more patient and bought something I am much more familiar with. Sorry Bazzaz."
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