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Artrax CTX Tire Artrax CTX Tire Bird - West Central, LA, USA good value and performance "Upgrading from stock grip to next level...exceeds expectation...strong construction.quickly spins out clean far stobs, briars and thorns no puncture problem on 600+ 200 lb weight...reasonable ride at speed...maybe next upgrade to radial + size up...looks like it will be awhile off tho.."
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Artrax Tire Combo With Tubes Artrax Tire Combo With Tubes Steve - Central California Best deal anywhere!! "Best deal anywhere. Traction is good. Installation was a snap and to come with tubes was a big plus! I've turned my riding buddies on to this same great deal. Tires on a 450 don't seem to last long riding in the desert anyway. So I'll be buying more again soon thanks Motosport for the savings."
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