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Motion Pro Torque Wrench Adapter Motion Pro Torque Wrench Adapter Chopmaster13 - Good tool "Great tool, came with instructions and a conversion kit to get the correct lbs or torque needed. Would recommend for any work being done on a dirt bike."
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BikeMaster Drive Impact Driver BikeMaster Drive Impact Driver Ooot - The only thing for phillips head screws! "You don't see these in stores often, but it's the very best way to remove phillips head screws, particularly for older bikes. It's common that crankcase covers and other engine parts are held together with soft phillips #3 screws, forget about using a screwdriver - they're easy to strip especially if someones gone at them with a #2 before you. The only drawback to this version of the tool is it doesn't have a rubber guard on it to protect your hand from badly aimed hammer blows. In any case, this is a valuable addition to your toolbox!"
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