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Vega Touring Boots Vega Touring Boots Bmwrider - Pierpont, OH 44082, USA 5 out of 5 stars Great Boots "I have found that these boots are very comfortable and have proven that they are excellent in the rain. The first two times I wore them it was in a down pour. I ride 70 miles a day and even in heavy rain my feet were absolutely dry. The 2 zipper design is so easy to get into and the boot is so comfortable even to walk in. These are great boots"
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Vega Off Road Goggles Vega Off Road Goggles Animal - Wisconsin, USA 3 out of 5 stars OK for the money I paid. "Comfortable and they stay in place. The lens got scratched wiping water off of them with a towel the first day I wore them. For the money they are alright, but in the future I will spend the extra money and get Scotts."
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