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Moose Tire Chains Moose Tire Chains Aulty - PA Good traction, bad sizing. "Like most ATV tire chains, these provided excellent traction on snow & ice while plowing. The problem hear seems to be the sizing. My atv tires are a very common size and make (Dunlop 25x10-12 R, 25x 8-12 F, model KT425 and KT421 respectively), this "size" tire was listed in the sizing chart under the 9V and 10Vv sizes, and the exact make & model of my tires (KT425) were not listed. So I bought the large 10V size, and of course they were way too big and I had to modify the chains in order to fit. In one package (the chains for the front) the chain of the left side did fit without modification, but the chain for the right side was way too big ??. In the end, after mod everything worked out ok, but I believe that Moose may want to look at this sizing issue."
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Moose Tire Chains Moose Tire Chains frankbro9 - N. Scituate R.I. Night and Day Difference "My 650 Kaw Brute Force worked well enough without tire chains to plow small amounts of snowfall but with the 12 to 16 inch accumulations it was almost useless. After adding the tire chains to the rear wheels, it is 100% more effective. No more sliding sideways when backing up the driveway and more pushing power. Easy to install though the directions that are supplied could be clearer. There are plenty of on-line videos that give good examples of installing them. Should have bought them when I bought the ATV 6 years ago!"
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