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Thor Gusto Windbreaker Jacket Thor Gusto Windbreaker Jacket mwebster57 - Best riding windbreaker jacket "Processing took over a week. That's the only flaw."
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Thor Track Walk Softshell Jacket Thor Track Walk Softshell Jacket hillhopper - San Francisco, CA Nice fair weather top, 2/3 seasons "This is a super-tight polyester twill weave that blocks a lot of wind and even rain without being air-tight. Thin fleece liner, not just a shell. Underarm vents, drawstring hood, fabric cover to keep the zipper from tapping on your teeth when it's all the way up. They did realize you want to wear this outdoors, but it's not a rain suit by any stretch. The cut is very boxy. At 6' and 170lb, XL fits my arms and shoulders but I could carry a messenger bag inside. That is one honkin' big logo patch... it's slightly reflective. So is the piping back and front, but the silver surface is a thin skin over what's basically white polyester clothesline. The silver started wearing off right away where it gets creased and/or rubbed a lot. The only small knock on a good jacket."
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