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Rock Swingarm Skid Plate Rock Swingarm Skid Plate suzukiquadracer - McAllen, TX, USA skid plate "I had purchased the pro armor skid plate for my ltr 450 and it didn't last a week after a few good rides the plate was all bent and grinding against the disk brake. when i complained to pro amor about the quality of the product they responded that i had mis used there product and that there was no warranty or refund what so ever. Don't buy pro armor they clam that there products are the top quality and the most durable but it isn't true and the customer service sucks. I learned that lesson the hard way and now i have a 130.00 piece scrap metal that used to be a pro armor skid plate. Now i have the Rock skid plate on my bike and its been holding up great and actually protects my bike more and is defiantly better then the pro armor."
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TM Designworks Plastic Frame Plate TM Designworks Plastic Frame Plate ShiftyDT - Melfort, Saskatchewan Good but bad "I bought this skidplate fully expecting TMD to think about the fact that 90% of sport quad owners also own a set of nerf bars for their machine. I am quite disappointed that the third frame mount doesn't fit because of where my nerf bars cross the frame from side to side. After 30 minutes of cutting the plastic mount they supply it still didn't fit. If I were to cut any more of it it simply wouldn't work as the holes for the screws would have to be cut out.. So I used the front two mounts and the rear of the skidplate mounts to where the original engine skidplate would screw on. Once I mounted the rear I noticed that where the TMD skidplate "wings up" on the sides yet AGAIN hits my nerf bars and will have to be cut there on both sides as well. The skidplate itself is nice and thick, nice color, and the stainless hardware is a nice feature. I am not going to return this plate because it is not Motosports fault, and I can make it work anyway. It would have 5 stars if the bloody thing would fit with nerf bars."
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