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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support Will - Los Angeles, Ca Love it so far! "So far I love this shoulder brace. I haven't used it enough to speak on the durability of it yet though. But it's really comfortable and not too bulky. I wear a compression shirt under it and will forget the brace is even there."
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EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace Kwood - Grainfield, KS 67737, USA Fantastic brace with shoulder protection "This brace is very comfortable and has great support and protection. I wear it on my right shoulder because I've have shoulder surgery. The durability is pretty good. No issues with the materials falling apart or craftsmanship. It's protected my shoulder through a couple hard crashes riding and I'm very impressed with it."
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