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EVS SB03 Shoulder Support EVS SB03 Shoulder Support Ryno - Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA worth the money - evs sbo3 shoulder brace "This is my second evs shoulder brace. The first was purchased to support a separated AC joint in 2003. It lasted many years and thousands of miles of use. The new model brace is much improved with a greater level of support but still allows for proper movement. My main concern is the longevity of the velcro and why are the velcro tabs covered by such a large rubber patch? This model is not as comfortable as the original, but it does provide increased support. Definitely worth the price."
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EVS SB02 Shoulder Support EVS SB02 Shoulder Support Chuckles - Arizona Shoulder support "Best support for rotator cuff I've ever purchased amazing"
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