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Moose Trailblazer Storage Trunk Moose Trailblazer Storage Trunk Willard - Walnut cove Moose trailblazer storage ( great storage unit ) "This storage unit was a great purchase for me and my family. We ride quite a bit and i have other storage bins on my 4 wheelers but I must say this one by far alt better . It has a good seal to it when closed and latched down and also a good sized area to carry stuff . Plus the added seat to chill while taking a break it wonderful."
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QuadBoss Rest & Store Rear Trunk QuadBoss Rest & Store Rear Trunk ATVNEWBE1 - Sussex, WI Good Option for 2up "This is a good option for not over spending on a 2up machine. I have only used it once but my wife said it was very comfortable. The unit does not come with directions for installation so you will have to use your imagination while installing it. I was able to mount the unit securely. It does not fit adult size helmets but has plenty of room for storage. For those two reasons, I give it a 4 of 5. Good product though."
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