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Leatt Shoulder Brace Leatt Shoulder Brace Shane136 - Awesome! "I have a torn rotator cuff and used this brace for a 45 mile hate scramble and it held my shoulder in awesome! Kept it snug and I was still able to move freely."
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Mobius X8 Knee Braces Mobius X8 Knee Braces PlanZ - El Cajon, CA, USA Unique and well engineered product "I've never owned high-end knee protection until now, because I slid out with my toes up and the bike came down on my right knee, almost causing damage. The Mobius product has exceeded my expectations for comfort and quality, and at least from my perspective, their design would probably do it's job better than the competitors to prevent hyper extension during extremely brutal impacts. I did a three hour, hard core Glamis ride and forgot they were even on."
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