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Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest Leatt Youth Fusion 2.0 Vest Muuley - Bay City, MI, USA excellent safety product for young riders "My son has been riding dirt bikes since he was 5 yr old, he is now 11 and wanted to try racing motocross, after doing some research for a good neck brace, I found the Leatt fusion 2.0. The fit is awesome, my son told me he doesn't even feel it on him when he is riding. Plus it is nice piece of mind for worry some moms and dads. It is a little expensive, but you cannot put a price on your kids safety."
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EVS Fusion Undersleeve Socks EVS Fusion Undersleeve Socks MotoDad - Just Right Socks "I've tried a lot of socks over the years, long, short, thin, thick, nylon, cotton, blends, elastic around the arch, elastic around ankle, padded heel, padded pad, padded shins, socks that fall down to the bottom of my boots, socks that 'scrape' behind my knees... but these EVS Fusion socks feel and work better than all other socks I've tried. They work perfectly with knee braces and are the best socks I've ever used."
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