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One Industries 2015 Gamma Helmet With MIPS - Camber One Industries 2015 Gamma Helmet With MIPS - Camber BenT - San Jose 4 out of 5 stars It works. "My head is definitely more oval shaped vs round, therefore I thought this was going to work great. But as others have said in reviews on other sites, this helmet fits a 1/4 size too small. My forehead is pretty tight on the front, cheeks pad and all other areas feel good. This would be a great helmet for some one with a more round and small head. After about 8 hours total wear time, the helmet has broken in and become a little more comfortable. While riding I don't think about it or notice it. Maybe I'm being a little OCD when first trying it on, but my cheap Scorpion feels more comfortable still when I interchange to judge difference, albeit the One Industries helmet is and feels lighter (big plus). I wanted a new helmet that offered a form of additional concussion protection after sustaining a concussion in a cheap Fox helmet, and this MIPS helmet fits the bill. I ride with a subconscious security that I stand a higher chance of cephalic tissue protection, and lets face it, that's why we wear helmets. Protect your dome!"
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One Industries 2015 Gamma Helmet - Camber One Industries 2015 Gamma Helmet - Camber CountryBoyKev - Tri Cities, TN 5 out of 5 stars Looks awesome! "Wow fast shipping!!!!!!!!! I picked up the last helmet which was an XXL and I was skeptical about the fit because I normally wear XL but this fit perfect. This helmet is lightweight, well built, and has an awesome design. It's worth every penny! I really like that it doesn't feel closed in and gives you a great view. Awesome!"
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