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Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser Spray Motorex Chain Clean Degreaser Spray DirtbikeTJ - LA, CA Great chain cleaner "I've been riding dirt bikes and street bikes for over 30 years so I've gone through a lot of chains in my day. Motorex has developed the best chain cleaner I've ever used, it makes cleaning the chain so easy and prolongs the life of the chain and sprockets. I use this on all of my bikes and will continue to do so, great product!"
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Motorex Offroad Chain Lube Motorex Offroad Chain Lube KRUSHER - Oregon, USA I'd recommend it "Ive used this lube for a few months now, started using it on a brand new Renthal non o ring chain and sprocket set. 9 out of 10 rides my bike is called in mud, and so far my chain is still in like new condition. It does go on kinda thin but let it sit about 10 minutes and it's nice a thick. I'm going to keep using this stuff until I find a reason not to but I doubt I ever will. Good product"
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