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Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet motoforme - Springfield, LA Magnet is SUPER STRONG "Overtime your engine breaks down tiny metal particles that gets recirculated throughout your engine, which is bad for all your engines components. This magnet attaches to your oil filter cover and gathers all metal to keep your oil "metal free". This is great for riders who are breaking in a new engine and for riders who want to keep their bikes running great for a long time. BUY IT! This magnet is SUPER STRONG and you'll be amazed on how much metal it picks up out your oil."
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Motion Pro Timing Degree Wheel Motion Pro Timing Degree Wheel 317x - Idaho, USA Great Tool "The degree wheel is a quality piece that should last a long time with minimal care and for those few occasions that you'll need it. For the record, you get just the degree wheel and nothing else, no instructions, no holding fixture, no nothing...so you better know how to use it. I gave the installation category 2 stars only because I emailed Motion Pro about a fixture to hold/use the wheel and never heard back. I've since made my own out of some nuts and bolts from the local hardware store."
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