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Moose 2015 Expedition Pants Moose 2015 Expedition Pants OldRider - Hilo, HI, USA 4 out of 5 stars 2015 Moose Expedition Pants "My first pair of Expedition pants lasted 15 years and are finally to the point where I am sewing up split seams. That pair had two front pockets and two cargo pockets. All pockets had flaps and zippers. No zip open ventilation. They were a little loose with a size 36. The new pair has two front pockets and two halfway around to the back pockets. The back pockets are strangely placed and aren't going to be as useful as the cargo pockets were. All pockets have flaps and zippers. Each leg has a zippered vent in front. The new pair are a snug fit at a size 32 but are quite comfortable. 34s were too big. My waist is 33.1/2 and if the Expeditions were made in a 33 they would be perfect. The inseam at 31.1/2" is as it says it is. Comparing the two pants side by side, the new ones seem slightly more rugged. If the new pants give me the milage that my old ones did, they are well worth the price. In appearance they are very similar so I believe they will perform the same."
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Moose 2015 Expedition Pants Moose 2015 Expedition Pants mike - Canton, OH, USA 5 out of 5 stars excellent pants "Super comfortable, warm for cold riding in my opinion moose makes great gear and these rank right up there. My only concern though is the bottom velcro straps that tighten the pants around the boot they tighten to the inside and I was wooried it might get caught in my countershaft sprocket. I just loosened it a bit and it worked fine, Great pants usually can't go wrong with moose!"
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