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Mobius X8 Knee Braces Mobius X8 Knee Braces Mongoose - NY Tried and Tested "I have tried many knee braces including high end carbon and prefer these to any other knee brace before. They fit snugly and don't move around on the leg while riding. There is also no digging of the straps into your leg. They are super comfortable and forget about them while riding. Took a nasty fall off a jump which resulted in a cracked helmet and chipped teeth. I landed on my one knee and head and while my pant leg was ripped open and my brace a bit scuffed, I felt no discomfort of even bruised no of my knee. These braces are the real deal and will not wear another brace. Have heard of some peoples cables snapping but have never had that. I highly recommend these braces to anyone."
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Mobius Compression Knee Sleeves Mobius Compression Knee Sleeves matt - Killer sleeves "The best thing i have ever spent money on."
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