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Moose Skid Plate Moose Skid Plate BobbyG - Southern Utah KLX450r - not much case protection "My choices are always limited when it comes to aftermarket for my KLX450r. The engine cases are the same as the KX but the frame is different. That being said I picked the Moose skid plate as one of the two available in aluminum. The unit is heavy duty. Installation was simple. The frame protection is much better than the stock plate. It covers the water pump but leaves the generator cover completely exposed and there is oil in that cover. It could have been a very good component if they would have added another inch and a half of material to cover the generator case. Installation tip; use a telescopic magnet to hold the clamps in place while threading the bolt in."
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AC Racing Full Engine Skid Plate AC Racing Full Engine Skid Plate MotoEnthusiast - Tenneessee Trail 660 "Not bad pretty thick. If you punch a hole through it you probably have more important things on your mind like who's taking you to the hospital. Had make holes slightly bigger but that was it. Come with decent hardware light lock tight recommended for sure."
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