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Evel Knievel One T-Shirt Evel Knievel One T-Shirt JoeStreet - Portland, OR, USA Chanelling The Great One "Cool shirt, fits true to size, and makes me look somewhat swol even though I don't cross-fit. Makes a great personal dating barometer, allowing me to filter out prospects who've never heard of Evel Knievel; either they're too young and / or unaware of the magic of motorcycling."
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Husqvarna Powerwear Tradition T-Shirt Husqvarna Powerwear Tradition T-Shirt Pattimelt7 - Southern Utah He Loves It! "My husband loves this t shirt! I got it for him for Fathers Day, and he put it on immediately! He owns a Husky dirt bike, so he really appreciates the rich graphics and light weight of this tee. I'm sure it will be in the laundry quite frequently! I would definitely recommend this to all Husqvarna fans. Great purchase!"
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