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Troy Lee Designs 2017 KTM Team Snapback Hat Troy Lee Designs 2017 KTM Team Snapback Hat Tatts - Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, VA Best snapback that I have. "I Love this hat soo much. I Love the color of both hats and the custom artwork under the hat as well as the multi sponsors around the hat w the sponsors logo stitched onto the hat. I get multiple complements on that hat. You really don't see to many new era mesh hats that look like this. I highly recommend you buy voth color ways, but if you have to pick 1 that grey is the 1. Its comfortable and fits perfectly. Better hurry before they are all gone. I'm about to order another 1 for stand by or just to stash away for a couple years. But to some it up it is a must buy."
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Thor Mech Zip Hoody Thor Mech Zip Hoody Flyred - Generally, I like the hoody. "The material is light, maybe twice the thickness of a T- shirt. The side pockets are almost invisible being lined up with the side seams. The side zipper pulls are tiny and I will guess that they will fail first. Not one website says what is on the back of the hoody. FYI it's just the same Thor logo that's on the front but high on a shoulder. It looks good."
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