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Maxxis RAZR XM Motocross Rear Tire Maxxis RAZR XM Motocross Rear Tire FreakyD - Tx Razr XM "Soft compound grips everywhere, loose, hardpac, even fresh butter! Tires perform exactly as anticipated! Soft compound does cause faster wear than Razr MX, but if you want to rail the corner with controlled sliding and grip everywhere else, this is the tire you're looking for."
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Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT Rear Tire Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT Rear Tire Enduro7king - Springfield, MO, USA The best tire for Chadwick, MO "I have a Yz 125 with a rear 19 inch tire and a front 21 inch. The front tire was very easy to install. I didn't need any help to put on the front tire and did not have any problems with pinching my tube. The rear tire was a different story, though me and my dad were barely able to put on that tie by ourselves. It was very hard to put on the last bit of the tire, we had to put a foot long pipe on the end of the tire iron to get it on (this is thanks to the extra stiff side walls). Once I got the tire on I was not able to look away for about thirty minutes. This greatly improved to looks of my bike with the deep tried it gave it a tough, rugged look. We ride in Chadwick, Mo, the terrain there is like riding in the bottom of a creek bed or most of it with a little dirt here and there. The tire gave great traction in the bottom of the creeks and in on the wet rocks. The traction really suffers on hard packed dirt and grass. My old bald tire just barely had less traction on the hard dirt, but this is not what the tire was built for either. After just one ride my back tire still looked brand new except for the slightest rounding of the egedes on the knobs of the tire. Chadwick wore down my old, almost brand new tire in about three trips, so this already has surpassed the old tire. I would recommend this tire to anyone that is going to be riding in rocky or sandy terrain. Overall, this tire gets an A+ from me It is the perfect tire for me and has good durability so far where most tires get cut to shreds."
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Utility ATV Parts, Gear and Accessories carries the most comprehensive Utility ATV products catalog. Utility ATVs are reliable and rugged machines, designed to get the job done regardless of weather conditions. They make life easier when working your land or blasting through the forest to your favorite hunting spot. However you use your machine, you'll find the perfect complement for it here at MotoSport.

You can find the best Utility ATV parts, aftermarket or OEM on Our large product selection makes it easy to shop by make, model and year for specific parts and gear. We understand that you need time and cost effective service, so when you put your trust in, you'll get the parts and accessories you need at fantastic price and without the wait.

MotoSport??s catalogue includes parts for the latest Utility ATVs but also for those older 1980??s models. The OEM parts arrive directly from the factory and we personally make sure you get the right part quick and easy. Select your Utility ATV and the inventory will be automatically filtered to the items that fit your machine, online shopping is made even easier!.

No one beats MotoSport for hard-to-find Utility ATV parts, accessories and gear! We have a massive selection of Utility ATV hard parts, clothing, hunting gear and farming equipment at the lowest prices! From bags to helmets, racks to tire chains, and even cleaning supplies ?? you will find amazing markdowns from our huge selection of discounted Utility ATV parts and accessories. Your satisfaction is our priority, we offer a free 3-day express shipping, expert customer service, and full 90 day return policy.

Our categories of Utility UTV products include:

  • Utility ATV Parts - Everything you need from bars and controls to tires and wheels.
  • Utility ATV OEM Parts -We carry all the greatest brands: Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha.
  • Utility ATV Tires - Tire combos, front tires, rear tires, inner tubes and even tire tools to keep your machine is the best condition.
  • Hunting - We have gun racks, ice shelters and more to make every hunting adventure a memorable one.
  • Farming - The backbone of America belongs to its farmers. We'll do anything to help which is why we have a vast catalog of gear and supplies.
  • Utility ATV Tools and Maintenance - Here you will find everything needed to keep your Utility ATV running smoothly.
  • Utility ATV Riding Gear - Take a look at our large gear selection.
  • Casual Apparel - Shop for casual men, women and children gear: tshirts, pants, hoodies, sunglasses and more!
  • Utility ATV Gifts - Want to surprise your rider friends? Take a look at our gift selection.
  • Brands -Search by your favorite Utility ATV brands. is here to help you find the best Utility ATV parts and accessories. Experts are available on our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat. Remember, orders over $79 ship for free within the continental United States!