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Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards KRUSHER - Oregon, USA Buy them, you'll love em "Leatt has done it again, I'm positive these are the best knee + shin gaurds out there. They are very comfortable, after only like 5 minutes of riding I can't even tell that they are on. I do extreme enduro style riding which gets very rugged at times and I'm often pulling my bike out of some crazy boulder crevice I got it stuck in or falling at the crest of a hill climb etc. And these stay in place without any pinching or cutting or really any discomfort whatsoever. I used the sizing chart and they fit perfectly. I wear high knee brace socks however I have rode a full day with these in just regular riding socks and still I had zero discomfort. The knee is a hard plastic under the fabric it's not just padding. The only con I could see with these is a person with a VERY large calf might have a issue as these do go down in your boot a ways. However most boots adjust to a pretty massive calf area but if you have tree stump calves these could possibly get in the way. Other than that these are flawless IMO. comfort is 10/10, quality 10/10, protection 10/10, style IMO 10/10. For $100 bucks these things are gold. Your legs will thank you and so will your wallet"
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Leatt Hydra 4.5 Chest Protector Leatt Hydra 4.5 Chest Protector KRUSHER - This product is all around amazing "I've had mine for about 6 months or so and I am so happy with it. This summer we had quite a few rides in 90-100 degree weather and I was amazed at how breathable it was (considering what it is.) The way all the straps work you have to play with it a little at first to dial your fit in but once you do your set for good, it won't move around at all. I will fill the backpack to the brim occasionally with a few tools, duct tape, TWO LITERS of extra fuel lol (not recommending, but I do it sometimes until I get my desert tank,) my keys and dip and phone and satellite GPS on big trails I've never rode. With all that weight it still does not pull down to where the chest protector is up high in my neck, it stays where it should. 3 liters of whatever beverage is quite a bit and the blatter pack is very nice quality. A very small detail but huge to me is the magnet on the mouthpiece and on a piece of the chest protector so when your riding your tube isn't flopping around on your back and what not. Also the chest protector is removable and so is the backpack. The zippers are really good to, like I said a few times I've filled it to the max and the zippers have never given me any trouble. It is very heavy duty and durable yet pretty light weight (again considering what all it is) and comfortable. I'm a huge leatt fan I have quite a few pieces of leatt gear and I love all of it. If your in the market for a chest protector/hydration pack, or even just a hydration pack lol, BUY THIS ONE. You won't regret it. I'm fully confident this will hold up for a loooooooong time."
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Utility ATV Parts, Gear and Accessories

MotoSport.com carries the most comprehensive Utility ATV products catalog. Utility ATVs are reliable and rugged machines, designed to get the job done regardless of weather conditions. They make life easier when working your land or blasting through the forest to your favorite hunting spot. However you use your machine, you'll find the perfect complement for it here at MotoSport.

You can find the best Utility ATV parts, aftermarket or OEM on MotoSport.com. Our large product selection makes it easy to shop by make, model and year for specific parts and gear. We understand that you need time and cost effective service, so when you put your trust in MotoSport.com, you'll get the parts and accessories you need at fantastic price and without the wait.

MotoSport??s catalogue includes parts for the latest Utility ATVs but also for those older 1980??s models. The OEM parts arrive directly from the factory and we personally make sure you get the right part quick and easy. Select your Utility ATV and the inventory will be automatically filtered to the items that fit your machine, online shopping is made even easier!.

No one beats MotoSport for hard-to-find Utility ATV parts, accessories and gear! We have a massive selection of Utility ATV hard parts, clothing, hunting gear and farming equipment at the lowest prices! From bags to helmets, racks to tire chains, and even cleaning supplies ?? you will find amazing markdowns from our huge selection of discounted Utility ATV parts and accessories. Your satisfaction is our priority, we offer a free 3-day express shipping, expert customer service, and full 90 day return policy.

Our categories of Utility UTV products include:

  • Utility ATV Parts - Everything you need from bars and controls to tires and wheels.
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