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Leatt 3DF Kidney Belt Leatt 3DF Kidney Belt axeman - best kidney belt ever "This new belt from Leatt is like body armor for your lower back/upper pelvis, in addition to being the most supportive kidney belt ever. I've had no complaints with comfort or bulk, because if properly worn low on the torso across the waste it doesn't restrict you at all. I feel like I could get center-punched in the lower back with this on and be ok, since it fills the gap at the bottom of my Leatt CP. Padding is a good inch thick and very tough."
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Thor 2016 Youth Sector Kidney Belt Thor 2016 Youth Sector Kidney Belt RacingSonGivesMeGreyHair - Kidney Belt "My son was born with only one kidney so when he showed an interest in Riding this, along with his helmet was the first thing we bought him. He says it feels good and doesn't rub or pinch him. I like that it covers his entire lower back. I think it runs a little on the small side though. My son is 6, 40lbs and almost 4 feet tall- with that being said, he is skinny for his age and i only see this belt fitting him for about a year before we will need a bigger one."
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