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Kenda Executioner ATV Tire Kenda Executioner ATV Tire bpalacious - Mississippi, USA Executioners on 420 Rancher "I bought a set of these last August, and immediately noticed something was different than the usual ones I'd seen before. The tread isn't the same. As the tread goes towards the side walls it slopes down making the tire look less aggressive and I don't think it handles as good in the mid as assumed. Overall they're a strong durable tire. Only other downside is they're fairly heavy. I do like the rim protector though, it's kept the edges of my wheels looking new"
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Kenda Scorpion Front / Rear Tire Kenda Scorpion Front / Rear Tire Nighthawk - Michigan Perfect for Honda Big Red ! ! "The Kenda Scorpions 25 x 12 x 9 are perfect on my 1984 Big Red 3 Wheeler (installed 3). They look really good and have a similar look to the originals. These are stiffer than original balloon style tires, but plenty flexible. The profile is a little flatter, not as much radius, but really look good and keep it looking vintage as compared to other styles that have the modern aggressive tread pattern. Great price, tire is well built and high quality. Installed myself with the help of a friend and a few screwdrivers, about 15 minutes per tire along with a little diluted laundry soap to make surfaces slippery. MotoSport folks are easy to work with and helpful. I would buy again in a second. Thanks...."
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