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Fly 2016 Universal Jersey Fly 2016 Universal Jersey KRUSHER - Oregon, USA Decent jersey "It's a great jersey for the price and will go with just about anything. Very light and comfy, very breathable. Only reason no 5 star is because there is no gripping material on the tail which I'm so used to but for the price it's a great jersey"
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Answer 2017 Syncron Jersey Answer 2017 Syncron Jersey Franjko - Leetonia ohio 2017 syncron jersey "Very good jersey, and very comfortable. I'm a Harescramble racer and demand maximum performance out of my gear and this jersey definitely delivers. Very comfortable and after an hour or two of straight racing, you it is still comfortable. No pinching, or rubbing. Loose fit to where it doesn't run but tight enough to not look like a rain coat when your riding. Great jersey! If you customize, I have noticed that the numbers and letters will wear. I do wear a camel back though so it does put heavy wear and tear on it but still very durable."
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