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Klim 2017 Badlands Jacket Klim 2017 Badlands Jacket Trongsab - Bhutan The back armor protection rubber "Sir i am from Bhutan. And i bought two months back and i went only one tour ride. Tipsy i have checked the back armor rubber which has started to cracked into two half.i am very surprised to see that a jacket worth more than 1000 dollar quality will be this. Even i have one spidi h20 jacket which i am still using it. but i didn't find such thing. I thought klim being a costly jacket."
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Thor 2017 Pack Jacket Thor 2017 Pack Jacket HARDHILL - Shingle Springs, CA 95682, USA Needs armpit vents "Other than the lack of armpit venting, I love the jacket. This is my dress one. I have another one in my backpack for cold or wet days."
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