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100% Forecast Film System 100% Forecast Film System Chappy - Vancouver, WA, USA Sooooo legit "First of all you have a very wide strip for one of the largest field of views offered from any goggle company that does the film system. It has a mud/water shield on the top that acts as a guide rail for the film that helps tracking and prevent water/ mud from getting under the film. I had an instance where i got roosted with some very watery mud and it got under the film from the bottom, i pulled the string like five times and it completely cleared the mud for nice clear vision. Things things are legit!!!"
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Oakley Airbrake MX Roll-Off Kit Oakley Airbrake MX Roll-Off Kit Brappp - Broke after one race "I used the roll off system for one race and the spring that retracts the pull string broke. Took the mechanism apart and could not fix the spring. I can't find replacements for those parts anywhere. Pretty disappointing."
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