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Alpinestars Bionic Tech Protection Jacket Alpinestars Bionic Tech Protection Jacket Wooddude - Huntington Beach, Ca A-stars bionic jacket "I actually got to take a spin on the bike last weekend and wore the new bionic jacket. A little different to get into but once I figured out the program,I got it on pretty quickly. It doesn't constrict movement or make riding difficult at all. I really like the quality of the back and chest protection. Airflow is good, not great, but overall I'm pretty happy with the product. I'm gonna get a few more rides in before I make a solid decision."
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EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace FLdirtrider - Highly recommended "This is my first set of knee braces, and they were very comfortable from the very first ride. My confidence soared after wearing these and taking big impacts with virtually no pain whatsoever. I never realized how tentative my riding had become as I've aged (I'm 51), but thanks to these braces, I'm gaining again! Read the instructions for fitment and (silly as it sounds) the protocol for tightening up the velcro straps. If you tighten the straps in the proper order, the fit is assured and the knee braces end up in the correct position on your legs. Cons: I had to buy new riding pants to accommodate the size of the braces."
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