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O'Neal 2018 5 Series Helmet - Warhawk O'Neal 2018 5 Series Helmet - Warhawk Aidan - New York, NY, USA Great Helmet "The helmet is amazing. It fits very well and is extremely comfortable. The only problem I had was the screws for the visor. They didn't tighten down, almost as if they were stripped. The top screw that keeps the visor from moving up and down, flew off while I was riding. Now the visor won't stay in place, but that should be a simple fix. Other than that the helmet provides great safety, looks amazing and feels great."
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ICON Variant Helmet Shield ICON Variant Helmet Shield DavidC - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA Awesome shield "Had the shield as long as the helmet, since August. Cleans up nice, fits well,goes great with my helmet and it's mirrored= blocks the haters out. Very nice shield. Also I can see pretty good at night. Better than expected."
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