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FMF Power Up Jet Kit FMF Power Up Jet Kit KtmMan - Nv Wake up your Dirt bike "My 06 KTM 525 was sleepy in the performance area. With all the mods people were saying to do to the carb I was very hesitant to do anything. After much thought (too much) I popped for the FMF kit. After opening the box the first thing I noticed was the funny looking main jets. The kit I had did not have Keihin jets. It did have an adapter that you have to install first, then use the supplied FMF (dynojet jets.) Word to the wise, a 155 DJ jet is not the same size as a 155 Keihin main jet. There is a conversion chart if you want to compare them. I kept my Keihin main jet in since I had already jetted the bike before buying the FMF kit. Its the FMF needle that powers up the big KTM. It went from the friendly, sleepy power to snappy, power now. I used to struggle to get a 2nd gear wheelie, now it climbs for the sky in 3rd. You wont go wrong with this kit. If you only do 1 mod, this would be the biggest improvement. My bike has a slip on (end cap on) to derestrict the exhaust and the FMF kit."
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FMF Power Up Jet Kit FMF Power Up Jet Kit GAvin - Jetting "What main jet from this kit do I use for my 04 DVX 400"
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