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Fly 2017 Trekker Helmet Fly 2017 Trekker Helmet BDMan - VA 2017 Fly trekker helmet "I got XL cause the L felt too snugg but after wearing it a week I should have kept the L. But OMG love the Helmet road all week on ATV and enduro bikes and this is the first full face helmet that you can actually feel the cool air coming through the vents! Also got a little noisy and wobbly at higher speeds but adjusted the visor and that took care of the prob! Love it so much my son has one he rides on&doff road with it and I've ordered another one to use on my street bike! But keep in mind if it's snugg it will loosen up in a week or so."
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Fly 2017 Trekker Helmet Fly 2017 Trekker Helmet on2wheels52 - northern AR '17 Fly Trekker Helmet "This was my fourth (or fifth) Trekker. It has been re-designed a bit now (could have called it Trekker II?). I didn't think the visor looked as nice as the 'old' one and was going to swap them around. Won't work. I think the face shield is improved, seals tighter when all the way down and has a detent to keep it open a crack. The old one would self-shut over 40 mph or so. Might have a bit less wind noise than the old style. The fit was a little different #all have been Medium#. I'm ok with snug on a new helmet but I had a *%$# of a time getting it off. It would catch on my ears unless taken off in a specific manner. I emailed the Fly company about getting different cheek pads. I'd like to give Fly a big "hats off" for responding so quickly to my questions. But I'm still waiting, though it's only been three weeks. I'm sure I'll hear from them any day now. A happy ending however. After putting a few hours riding with the helmet it has loosened#?# up enough to come off much easier. So I'm ok with it for a couple of years but will be looking at some other brands for the next one. btw, the site has a self-editing feature, changes # & # to #'s when it wants to."
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