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QuadBoss UTV 4XL Cover QuadBoss UTV 4XL Cover Gregg - League City, TX, USA sizeable "i was unsure of the fit at first due to the specs and the UTV being bigger then the box said, however it fit no problem with room to go. as for RAIN resistance was another unclear deal, it seems to be resistant for the most part. I'm sure if a heavy down pour were to come it would leak a little. i do like it and would recomend it. 2016 Mule PRO FXT Ranch Edition Lifted"
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Classic Accessories Deluxe ATV Cover Classic Accessories Deluxe ATV Cover Wingman - Colorado Awesome "I live in Colorado and this cover sits on my atv threw rain, snow and wind. It's not 100% water proof, but it did have a pool of water on it and the atv was dry . The straps and flex cord on bottom work great keeping the cover in place !! I haven't owned this cover for years but it's holding up really well so far"
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