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VentureHeat MC-38 12 Volt Heated Jacket Liner VentureHeat MC-38 12 Volt Heated Jacket Liner nakedgun - Fortuna, CA Great lightweight warmth "Installation was trivial, the wires were plenty long. More than enough warmth. Selection of heat setting is easy to do on-the-fly. It's very thin, lightweight, and un-bulky so it doesn't give you the puffed up feeling some liners do."
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Mobile Warming LTD Max Gloves Mobile Warming LTD Max Gloves Trinbago30 - California PERFORMANCE VIEW "Primary purpose of this type of MC leather gloves is the mobile heating element feature. During a one way 75 miles ride in cold 30-45 degrees temperature, the lower heating modes provided insufficient heat to remain comfortable, therefore an increase in the heat will decrease the extended 10 hours to only 2 hours @ 75%, then the batteries will shut down, so be very moderate. The internal fabric and the heating elements in the gloves definitely needs improvement against the "wind chill" as well as the Li-On battery will need extended time for recharging along with a battery half the size to minimize the added bulk, over the MC jacket.This restricts wrist movement, for necessary reaction time to avoid near accidents. Overall it is a good pair of gloves for short distance rides, for a multiple MC rider. A plus no wire harness. Note: Highly recommend a USB charging cable as a great option" to charge from a portable source during stops."
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